Tropical to temperate coral reefs in Japan!

In June and July 2015 I set out to the field with my collaborators from The University of the Ryukyus (in Okinawa).  I collaborate with the Jamie Reimer’s MISE lab, and was joined by Jamie, Brigitte Sommer (UQ), Masami Obuchi, Masaru Mizuyama, Iori Kawamura, and Hiroki Kise.  We counted fish, corals, soft corals, algae, zooantharians, ascidians and echinoderms at 21 sites ranging from the very south on Iriomote Island to Tateyama in the north near Tokyo.


We found corals with our heads stuck deep in kelp, we endured 17 degrees, we surveyed 60% coral cover at 33.5 degrees latitude, and enjoyed a lot of snack food.


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